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Team Introduction

February 2016

Dear Drivers, Managers and Parents,

Welcome to Atlantic Racing Team.

The step into Formula and professional motorsport is not easy nor is it inexpensive anymore - we all, teams, sponsors, parents, managers and drivers know this well. Atlantic Racing Team came up with a reward, pricing and payment structure without jeopardizing driver development procedures, see below.

Atlantic Racing Team has been in this motorsport "business" for more than two decades; having competed in karting, Formula Ford, 2000, Renault, GT cars, Indy Lights, and Formula BMW.

We are a Canadian team, based originally in Halifax, Nova Scotia and operating now in South East Asia; recently opened our Asian quarters in the Philippines, virtually only hours away from all major racing circuits.

This is now another "Asian" year and we all enjoy fantastic racing here.

We consider ourselves as a truly international team as we also race in Canada, the USA and in Europe.

Language problems?
We solved this! There will be always a team member available with Malay, English, French, Cantonese, Philippine and/or German language ability.

We care first and foremost about the well-being and advancements of our drivers.

We are adamant about structure and discipline.

Our personnel are active in racing as drivers, be it in sedans, motorbikes or formula cars - they all know what a driver feels and thinks on not-so-perfect-days - and respect the emotional ups and downs of our drivers!

How good are we?
Every team thinks it is the best! We are determined to provide to the driver the best "tools" we can offer.

Success comes in all kind of forms - Gabby Chaves, 14 years old when he started with us, had two podiums and a first (of all regular drivers) in the 2008 Macau Grand Prix. He then became champion in the American Series and is now going up the racing ladder in the Italian F3 series!

Drivers are not customers to us, they are team members when joining Atlantic Racing Team.

So what can you expect from us if you join our team?
Hard work and a concentrated effort to do it all for the driver regardless of time of the day (or night) - your car will be ready, legal and perfect for the next outing.

So, here you are - many new faces and many offers from teams - a word of advice from us - decide early, don't wait too long. Just pick a team you feel good with as whatever team you select to go to - you will need time to adjust to your engineer, trust your mechanic and need time for private testing. So sooner you are committed, the better it is for you and the team.

Do not get trapped in the sole idea of winning the Series in your first year! It is more important for your racing future to utilize what the series was designed for - a true training ground for aspiring formula and sports car drivers.

We believe that two years in this FBMW environment is the best for any driver. Just look at the FBMW alumni - Vettel, Schumacher, Rosberg, etc...they all spent two years in FBMW.

We wish you all the best in your future racing endeavors, but most of all - have fun and enjoy racing!

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