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Atlantic Racing Academy Race Experience!

Not forgetting our roots, we are now expanding our Formula BMW based Racing Academy to offer private and corporate rentals during the summer season - all in a "racing" environment!

The ‘Basics’ package:

* Learn all the Basics of race car driving and car control while driving a Formula Single Seat Race Car - the Formula BMW Carbon Chassis;

* 1 full day at the track which includes First Class catering with full breakfast, lunch, snacks;

* Gain knowledge of racing through friendly 1 hr class room educations;

* 3 times 10 laps during the day with Lead and Follow lapping behind the instructor car;

* 3 laps - on your own - in the Formula BMW.

We also offer private coaching with a view to enter motorsports on a competitive level.

For Corporate booking, advanced driving days, and more information, please contact us!

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