News from ACO - the Asian LeMans Organizer

Dear Competitors,
With the Asian Le Mans Series embarking on its third season commencing 2015, the ACO announced in
December 2014 that it was taking over the organization of the Series with the objective of revitalizing it
and in doing so, its first step was to establish a new management structure. The second step was to
solicit and review feedback from all stakeholders (sponsors, partners, teams and drivers) with the
objective of making improvements.
Following these initiatives, the following decisions were made by the ACO and announced on 20th April
I – Calendar
In order to enhance the initial 2015 calendar, the following revisions have been decided:
An additional event will be held in Buriram (Thailand) on January 10th 2016 Sepang: Initially scheduled
on Dec 20th 2015, the Malaysian round will now be held on 24th January 2016 instead.

The full 2015/2016 Asian Le Mans Series will then consist of four events:
1. Fuji (Japan) – October 10th 2015 – 1 x 2h race (WEC event)
2. Shanghai (China) – November 1st 2015 – 1 x 1h20 race (WEC event)
3. Buriram (Thailand) – January 10th 2016 – 1 x 3h race
4. Sepang (Malaysia) – January 24th 2016 – 1 x 3h race

The 2016/2017 calendar will consists of five 3h (minimum) races and be held from September 2016 till
the end of February 2017 in Japan, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Both the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 calendars will as much as possible, avoid clashes with other major
Asian Pacific international motorsports events.
II – Incentives & Promotion
Teams entering the 2015/2016 Asian Le Mans Series season will benefit from:
‘Early bird’ rates for full season entrants and a special entry fee for CN and GTAm entries.
Furthermore, in addition to Pan Asian TV broadcasts and a redefined Communication plan (with more
efficient online, digital and social media exposure) the organization is currently considering opportunities
aimed at improving both the teams support and the Series promotion.

Fuji – 10th October 2015
Shanghai – 1st November 2015
Buriram – 10th January 2016
Sepang – 24th January 2016
III – Sporting & Technical regulations Eligible cars
CN specified within the 2014/2015 ACO CN form and accepted by the ACO (Appendix 3 of the
Sporting Regulations).
GT in conformity with the 2015 Technical Regulations of: LM GTE, GT3 FIA, GT 300 Japan.
GTAm : GT Cup in conformity with the 2015 Technical Regulations of: Porsche Cup Asia, Ferrari
Challenge Asia, Super Trofeo Lamborghini, Audi R8 LMS Cup Asia, Lotus Cup Asia..
3 competitors will be invited to the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours*, as follows:
• The 1st LM P2
• The 1st GT team (invited in the GTE class)
• The 1st LM P3 invited in the LM P2 class subject to a minimum of 3 entries in the category.
Should this minimum be not reached the invitation will be granted to the 2nd team of the GT
overall classification which will be invited in GTAm.
This year’s Sporting Regulations will be released by the end of next week.
*Mandatory entries to all the 2016/2017 Asian LMS season.
The Asian Le Mans Series organization pays a great attention to the long term stability of the rules.
Thus, despite the coming new regulations for Le Mans GT Cars (2016) and new LMP2 cars (2017), the
current Asian Le Mans Series eligible cars will be accepted until the end of the 2018/2019 season
The next step for the Asian Le Mans Series will be to enhance and develop further, the brand
awareness and community surrounding the Series, through various marketing and publicity activities. To
this effect, we would like to invite all teams (and drivers) to include us ( in your
press release circulation and news updates so that we may share/ utilise relevant information to the
Asian Le Mans Series and its community.
The 2015/2016 Asian Le Mans Series communications strategy will be announced by mid-May 2015.

Asian Le Mans Series Endurance Racing for Asia

Fuji – 10th October 2015
Shanghai – 1st November 2015
Buriram – 10th January 2016
Sepang – 24th January 2016

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