Lamborghini Update

CONGRATULATION GOES TO OUR CAR # 10, ending Race 1 in Fuji in 2. place. far these two gentleman running for the Tokyo Lamborghini dealership have been so far at all races on the podium!

Fantastic and go on for more Mr. Terashima Shigeru and Mr. Yasuoka Hideto. Kudos also to Marcus Sarach for engineering the car!

# 09 Rizal Ramli ended DNF, thanks to a friendly competitor;
# 10 YT. Shigeru/Y. Hideto ended in P2;
# 12 I. Motoaki ended in P9 with the fastest lap;And
# 99 Charlie Ro Charlz […]

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Formula Pilota China 2011 Season Summary

"Following the extremely successful Formula Abarth in Europe, a new series---Formula Pilota China was established in China in 2011. Formula Pilota China managed to keep the Chinese/Asian entry level formula up-todate with Europe and provided the exact same platform & vehicles yet at a more substantial / affordable price."

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AUTOSPORT Magazine: "Series Insight JK Racing Asia"

"Malaysia-based Motorsport Asia, which runs the region's Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS), is headed by Londoner David Sonenscher, and many of the foundations of MAs flagship single-seater category - the JK Racing Asia Series - were laid down by a disparate bunch of pioneers from the British Isles in the mid-1990s."

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