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Type: Sport Prototype Group CN FIA 2008
Chassis: carbon
Crashbox: carbon
Rear wing: carbon fibre biplanar
Engine: HONDA 2 litres atmosferic, 2.000cc, 255 cv
Elettronics: Mectronik
Data acquisition: Starlane Deva GPS
Gear: SADEV 6 speed sequential
Front suspensions: overlapping triangles, push rod
Rear suspensions: overlapping triangles, push rod
Absorbers: Oram
Brakes: Brembo, 4 pistons pincers
Fuel tank: ATL
Rims: OZ
Width: 1.750 mm
Length: 4.730 mm
Weight: 540 kg


The final stage of the realization of the GB08 has been the FIA homologation Step which includes all the static and dynamic tests as specified by regulations and designed to guarantee drivers' safety.

As said for the crash, all other tests have satisfied the normative requisites and they also have given full validation to the computer aided simulations, confirming therefore their methodological validity.

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